Those who develop, deliver and support Lesonal products have a genuine passion for their work, and they know that you and your staff also care deeply about achieving the best results. Our team of specialists has comprehensive knowledge and many years of experience which can make a difference to your body shop – and we will work hard to prove it to you.



Effective and profitable partnerships between our team and our customers are a very important aspect of the Lesonal experience, which is why we focus on maximizing the experience from both sides. It’s a winning blend of people first, supported by the Lesonal proposition. We are very careful to listen, so we can benefit from your insights, understand your challenges and tailor our solutions to meet your needs. When choosing partners, we look for people who have the same drive, passion and enthusiasm towards delivering great results and developing their business.

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AkzoNobel offers a broad range of workshops and seminars for technical, management, marketing, sales and other professionals. We help you identify your training needs. You get real results: less errors and complaints, better grasp of latest technologies, increased sales, and improved use of time and materials in the repair process.

Our standard offer includes a wide range of product and technical trainings.
To name a few: Professional Spraying Technique - tailored to the products you use in your day-to-day work environment Professional Preparation Course - execute a repair from start to finish in a practical situation Color Tinting Course - theory and practice, including color perception testing
To view the latest class schedule and sign up for classes, please visit the website below.     


Honest. Clear. Simple.

That’s what Lifetime Warranty is all about. We trust in the performance of our products and we trust you to deliver a great finish using them. With a lifetime warranty, we ensure your customers get a great finish for life, with no compromise on quality.

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