Epoxy Primer Sealer Reducer

Reducer component of a primer sealer providing excellent corrosion resistance over multiple substrates. As a sealer, this product provides great leveling with superior gloss retention to the top coat.


A Component -
Item # 392438 Lesonal Gray Epoxy Primer Sealer
Item # 392494 Lesonal Black Epoxy Primer Sealer
Item # 392372 Lesonal White Epoxy Primer Sealer

B Component -
Item # 395360 Lesonal Fast Epoxy Hardener
Item # 395369 Lesonal Slow Epoxy Hardener
Item # 484377 Fast Epoxy Hardener LV (Gallon)
Item # 395978 Fast Epoxy Hardener LV (Quart)

C Component -
Item # 394295 Lesonal Reducer Medium
Item # 394517 Lesonal Reducer LV