Primer Pro LV Hardener

Primer Pro LV Hardener

Hardener of a high solids urethane surfacer and sealer. Depending on the mixing ratio used, Primer Pro LV can be either used as a high build surfacer or wet-on-wet primer sealer.

Product features

  • Fast drying properties for increased productivity.
  • Easy application for consistent results with less re-work.
  • Excellent sandability for less sandpaper waste.


A Component - 
Item # 515311    Primer Pro LV White
Item # 515312    Primer Pro LV Gray 
Item # 515313    Primer Pro LV Black

B Component - 
Item # 515310    Primer Pro LV Hardener

C Component - 
Item # 516961    Primer Pro LV Fast Activator
Item # 516962    Primer Pro LV Slow Activator