Gray Urethane Surfacer

A Urethane Surfacer that is intended for use as a high build surfacer that offers excellent filling, easy sanding, and fast dry times.

Key benefits

  • Exceptional enamel holdout and leveling over body repair areas.
  • Higher build per coat than most surfacers, while still being easy to sand.
  • Doubles as a sealer to reduce product assortment.


A Component -
Item # 392616 Lesonal Gray Urethane Surfacer

B Component -
Item # 395357 Lesonal Urethane Surfacer Hardener

C Component -
Item # 394938 Lesonal Reducer Extra Slow
Item # 394695 Lesonal Reducer Slow
Item # 394295 Lesonal Reducer Medium
Item # 394893 Lesonal Reducer Fast
Item # 394318 Lesonal Reducer Extra Fast